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Nov 18, 2009 12:00pm EST
here. tell me about how you made some of the choices that are on here. >> well, "mona lisa," is on there. tavis: i sing in the television, in the shower, anywhere. [laughter] tavis>> i like that song, "monaa ." when this album came around, i wanted to put this on the record. we recorded it in capital studios here in los angeles which is where nat recorded. his piano is the panel that i played. it is intimidating. the familiarity is still there. it is like in the same room that he did it. his aura is still there. he is not me and i'm not him. i'm not trying to be better than him. i'm just try to sing a tune much like an actor. that is what i was involved with. there were many that are a joy to sing. tavis: give me the one that you are most shaky about. not sure this for the belongs to you. >> it would probably be the elton john song and the billy joel song. tavis: "your songs," is the title track. >> most of the songs were written by songwriters and were performed by singers. the common thread between "and i love her," and the beatles and "just the way you are," is that the composer
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1